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Product Code: 001.006
Price: £24.87
Powerful Air Freshener with controlled dosing

Product Features:


    Concentrated powerful spray


    Don't waste Aerosol


    Powerful Single Shot Application


    Over 6000 Shots per Can

  • Avoid walking into a room that stinks of cheap Air Freshener by using Blast. 
  • Blast's controlled spray means no matter how long you hold the button down you get a single spray of powerful air freshener that will make your room smell fabulous without over-doing it.
  • this high quality air freshener aerosol that can't be over-used.
  • Atomises instantly and is completely Ozone friendly. Instantly dispels stale room odours. Pleasant long lasting formula.
  • Blended from cosmetic quality fragrances, selected to freshen and revitalise any room and disguise all manner of bad smells! Economical, environmentally friendly (does not contain chlorofluorcarbons)
  • Particularly effective against tobacco smoke and an essential product for hotels, pubs, homes and public areas.

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