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Product Code: 050.404
Price: £13.75

Product Features:


    Anti-static treatment for carpets and other surfaces where static electricity build-up is a problem.


    Shockaway leaves a non-sticky coating which conducts the electrical charge away from the fibre surfa


    Apply by low pressure spray applicator to clean vacuumed carpet.


    Coverage approx. 50m2 per 5 litres of mixed solution (450m2 per 5 litres of concentrate).

A water-based anti-static treatment for carpets and fabrics. Shockaway will help prevent the build-up of static electricity on carpet and fabrics and is formulated to help prevent re-soiling on carpets. Shockaway should be used in conjunction with other measures such as increasing relative humidity, reducing heat and the use of anti-static mats or carpeting. 

For more information please check the link here :- Shockaway Product Specification Sheet

For SDS information please check the link here :-  Shockaway Safety Data Sheet

Thoroughly vacuum carpet and extraction clean if required (not essential).
Mix 125ml Shockaway per litre of water (1 to 8).
Do not mix with other products.
Always pre-test carpet for colour fastness with diluted solution before proceeding.
Prohibit people and pets from the application area and wear a suitable dust mask
to prevent the inhalation of spray droplets which may cause temporary irritation of
the nose and throat.
Apply diluted solution by spray applicator at low pressure (max 30psi / 2bar) at the
rate of 5 litres of mixed solution per 50 square metres.
Brush product into carpet with carpet pile brush, replace furniture on protective
pads and allow carpet to dry completely before re-use.
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