Scourers & Sponges

There are numerous different types of scourers & sponges available to cleaning professionals and using the right tool for the job is of upmost importance. Choosing the right sponge for the job can be the difference between a quick and efficient clean, and a mess.

So make sure your janitorial staff are equipped with the professional cleaning supplies they need to complete their tasks in a swift and timely manner with the range of cleaning consumables available from the Cleaning Supplies online store.

A Range Of Sponges And Scourers To Choose From

Both commercial and domestic cleaners can benefit from the diverse range of cleaning products available on our online store.

  • Cleaning Sponges
    Sponges are very useful items for use in a wide range of cleaning tasks. Their absorbent properties make them fantastic for wiping up spills, additionally as they can hold a significant amount of liquid inside them, they can be very useful for cleaning surfaces.

    However, it is important that you keep cleaning sponges in good condition, replace them when needed, and never use them to wipe up raw meat juices or raw eggs.

  • Sponge Scourers
    These cleaning products are a mix between sponges and scourers, providing both the advantages of a soft and absorbent sponge and an abrasive material. This makes them ideal for cleaning outdoor grills, patio furniture, or even pots and pans which are afflicted with baked-on food. However, as they also include an absorbent sponge, the above advice regarding maintenance and raw meat/eggs applies.

  • Stainless Steel Scourers
    This material is often used when abrasive materials are required on glass or porcelain as the scourers are able to remove material without scratching the surface, unlike other abrasive cleaning products. Steel scourers can also be used to clean working surfaces in the woodworking industry, as the abrasive nature of the material provides swift cleaning and a shiny clean finish.

  • Magic Erasers
    Ideal for removing graffiti and scruff marks, magic erasers are very useful for both domestic and commercial cleaners.

    For a professional cleaner, they are ideal for use in environments such as schools, for example cleaning up stains caused by leaking pens. However, the domestic cleaner could find great use in a magic eraser to clean scuff marks from their floors or skirting boards. Providing a convenient cleaning method when a DIY vinegar solution isn’t cutting it for those stubborn scruffs.

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