Catering Cleaning

Catering Cleaning

The Cleaning Supplies team can provide a wide variety of cleaning products for professionals. This includes those who work in the catering industry. So if you’re searching for high quality catering cleaning supplies for use in commercial kitchens, please get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 0333 253 5988.

Catering Cleaning Supplies From Cleaning Supplies

The selection of cleaning chemicals for kitchens and catering environments can be used to clean a variety of different commercial kitchens, giving you a strong and effective clean for a great price.
Our selection of cleaning products for commercial kitchens includes a variety of products available to tackle specific problem areas, but also includes products such as washing up liquids and strong degreasers which are far better than more well known brands.
Indeed, many products give you a higher germ kill than well known product such as Dettol. Some of the products that are available on our online store have even recorded results passing the EN 1276 test for germ killing; providing you with a faster germ kill at a quicker contact time. This means that you can clean quicker and have peace of mind in the knowledge that the area you are cleaning will be both clean and clear of germs.

So if you’re searching for a selection of products to degrease, clean, and sanitise surfaces to make them a safe and clean space to prepare your next meal, browse through the range of catering cleaning supplies on our online store.

What Cleaning Supplies For Commercial Kitchens Are Available?

You can browse through a wide variety of different professional kitchen cleaning products on our online store, including but not limited to:

  • Aprons,
  • Bar Cleaners,
  • Cling film,
  • Degreasers,
  • Descaler,
  • Dish And Pot Wash,
  • Food Service,
  • Glasses And Cups,
  • Glasses And Plastic Glasses,
  • Glasswash,
  • Insect Killers,
  • Kitchen Accessories,
  • Napkins And Table Decoration,
  • Oven Cleaning,
  • Salt,
  • Sanitiser,
  • And Specialist cleaners.

Does Your Order Qualify For Free Delivery?

If you choose to purchase cleaning products for commercial kitchens from the Cleaning Supplies online store and your order is priced above £75, your order could qualify for free delivery!
For more information regarding our delivery policy or the delivery options that are available from the Cleaning Supplies online store, please contact our team using the information below.

Get In Touch With The Cleaning Supplies Team!

Since 1989, our friendly and talented team of professionals have provided our customers with both fantastic high quality cleaning products and high quality customer service. So if you have any questions regarding the cleaning products for commercial kitchens, or any of the professional cleaning products that are available from our online store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, you can do so either by telephone, by email, or by filling out the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Cleaning Supplies team by telephone, please call 0333 253 5988. Our opening hours are between 9 am and 5 pm. Alternatively, if you would like to send our team an email, please send your enquiry

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