Centre Feed Rolls

For over 20 years the Cleaning Supplies team has worked hard to provide businesses and commercial cleaners with products they need. For example, centrefeed rolls; strong, thick, and highly absorbable rolls, ideal for a wide range of applications including but not limited to glass and mirror cleaning, and cleaning in food preparation areas.

A Range Of Centrefeed Cleaning Products To Choose From

  • Centrefeed Cleaning Rolls
    There’s not much a centrefeed cleaning roll isn’t useful for. They are cost-effective and easy to use cleaning item suitable for a wide range of different cleaning applications. Additionally, they’re available at price points to suit all budgets. This includes both budget cleaning rolls and premium rolls.

    Also, you can choose between different colours, so if you need to stock up on multi-purpose blue roll for your business, we suggest a product such as 2 ply Blue paper wiper rolls; a premium grade 150 meter long premium wiper roll. Additionally, this product is versatile as it can be used as a centrefeed cleaning product by removing the cardboard core, or alternatively the paper cleaning material can be pulled from the edge.

  • Centrefeed Dispensers
    In addition to commercial-grade cleaning equipment, professional cleaners such as janitors and caretakers need storage solutions that provide them with easy access to equipment as they need it. To meet this need, we have a wide range of dispensers for centrefeed rolls, including both large and small dispensers.

Centrefeed Rolls – Suitable For Home Cleaning

If you’re searching for a way to boost the efficiency of your home cleaning tasks, centrefeed multi-purpose cleaning rolls are an extremely useful product; ideal for all kinds of situations. Wipe up spillages, dry hands, and clean surfaces. They are an incredible product for areas of the home where good hygiene is essential, such as the kitchen.

When combined with one of the above mentioned dispensers, rolls for cleaning provide you with an affordable and convenient cleaning solution. Soon you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Commercial Quality Cleaning Products – Cleaning Supplies

Since our establishment in 1989 we have provided commercial cleaners and professionals with cleaning responsibilities with the equipment and supplies required to complete their cleaning tasks in a timely manner. Additionally, we also stock a range of professional-grade cleaning equipment that can be used at home, so homeowners can utilise the power of professional cleaning equipment in their living rooms, dining rooms, and elsewhere in the home; swiftly tackling their household chores.

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