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Janitorial staff have a diverse range of duties to perform, including collecting litter and ensuring that it is disposed of in a responsible manner. So if you’re searching for litter picker equipment, look no further than Cleaning Supplies.

The Importance Of Clearing Litter

Litter is very harmful to society; it negatively affects safety, wildlife, and the economy. One of the more common items of litter is cigarette buds, which in addition to being an unpleasant sight, cause serious environmental damage as the harmful chemicals (such as arsenic) inside can contaminate water and soil.

However, litter picking isn’t just about tidying up and removing items of trash from areas they don’t belong. Having visible janitorial staff picking up litter sends a clear message that people should not litter and rubbish should be disposed of responsibly in the appropriate bin.

That being said, in order to ensure that litter collecting staff can carry out their duties in a hygienic, swift, and efficient manner, they need to be equipped with specialist cleaning equipment and supplies, made specifically for litter collection.

The Litter Picking Products Available

With regards to litter picking duties, the Cleaning Supplies online store stocks a wide range of commercial cleaning equipment for professional cleaners and businesses to equip their janitorial staff, including the following:

  • Litter Pickers
    One of the most important pieces of equipment in any litter patrol member’s arsenal is the picker. Bending down to pick up items of litter can be very exhausting and strenuous, as such a mechanical picker with a claw allows for their janitorial duties to be completed in a swift and efficient manner.

  • Rubbish Bag Holders
    Often paired with a claw picker, the rubbish bag holder enables the commercial cleaner to hold open a litter collection bag with a single hand, freeing up their other hand for the claw picker, resulting in improved efficiency.

  • Wall Brackets
    These wall brackets are used to hold rubbish bag holders when they are not in use by the litter collection staff. Simple and easy to use, this device holds the bin bag ring onto the wall allowing the same bag to be used by both collection staff and visitors who need to dispose of waste items.

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