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Drains can get blocked in numerous different ways, for example a kitchen sink block is often caused by fat and grease. So if you’re noticing symptoms of a blocked drain (such as smelly drains), it’s important that you quickly use a drain cleaner to clear the blockage.

The Dangers Of A Blocked Drain

There are numerous issues that can be caused by blocked drains. Firstly, one of the things you might notice is the drain starting to smell. The gas leaking from the blocked drain is called hydrogen sulphide and in addition to being highly flammable, it is also highly toxic, causing nausea, headaches, tremors, convulsions, and even unconsciousness and death.

However, this is not the only potential danger with blockages; another thing to watch out for is waste water regurgitation. If your drain piping is clogged, it waste water could flow back, which could result in significant property damage.

Chemical Cleaners For Drains

If your property’s drains are clogged and blocked, our online store has a selection of products to help clean your drains, including popular well known brands such as Mr Muscle.

Mr Muscle Drain Cleaner
This drain cleaning gel from Mr Muscle is safe to use with septic tanks and pipes of anytime; outperforming bleach whilst clearing blockages for pipe work. Working fast, in just 15 minutes, this drain cleaner is safe for regular use to remove hair, soap scum, body fats, and other organise matter that clogs drains.

An Organic Biological Cleaner

If you would prefer an organic biological cleaner, the ARROWS BIOZYME CONC. DRAIN CLEANER provides a natural enzyme liquid treatment to maintain free flowing drains and reduce odour. It digests and liquefies all types of organise waste and begins work immediately.

This cleaner is idea for use in waste areas of kitchen and food processing plants as it is safe for operators, systems, and the environment, and it also works above and below the water line, overcoming the existing bacterial responsible for malodours.

Cleaning Supplies, Over 20 Years Of Experience

With over two decades of experience, our team have the skills, knowledge, and dedication to provide high standards for both product quality and customer service. Over our many years we have grown to hold one of the most comprehensive ranges of products in the UK, our supplies can be used in various different business environments and locations including but not limited to: office locations, educational environments (such as schools or college), and even engineering environments. So if you need assistance identifying which cleaning products are best suited to the needs of your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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