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In addition to a range of specialist cleaning chemicals including graffiti removal and drain cleaner, we also have a diverse range of all purpose cleaners to choose from, including a selection of well known brand names.

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What Is An All Purpose Cleaner?

All purpose or multi-purpose cleaning chemicals are a special type of chemical cleaner that is designed to clean a wide variety of different surfaces. They are typically made from a disinfectant, detergent, de-greaser, a solvent, or a combination of some or all of these. This means that there’s no standard set of ingredients for an all purpose chemical cleaning solution, which results in some mixtures being more affective on different surfaces. For example, some multi-purpose cleaning products can be used on wooden surfaces, however most are not suitable for these surfaces – so you need to check the label of your chosen cleaning product before you begin.

As all purpose cleaning chemicals can be used on a diverse range of surfaces, they can save lots of time and space, after all why have four or five separate bottles of cleaning products when one could suffice? However, whilst they can be fantastic tools for use when cleaning, it is essential that you use the appropriate cleaning equipment and health & safety precautions , for example all purpose cleaning cloths, gloves, and perhaps some disposable clothes.

Cleaning Glass
Often, all purpose cleaners are very effective at removing dirt and buffing up glass. Although as cleaners vary from brand to brand, results can vary. Additionally, when cleaning glass with an all purpose chemical, it’s important to make sure that you thoroughly rub the glass with a clean dry cloth as leftover solution could result in smear marks.

Laminate Surfaces
Many multi-purpose cleaning chemicals include disinfectants in their mixture; this means that they can be used to clean a wide range of food handling areas and other areas that come into contact with food items, such as the insides of a fridge. However, similar to the above point; make sure you wipe up with a dry cloth to avoid those nasty smear marks from leftover chemicals.

Cleaning Floors
Many multi-purpose cleaning chemicals can be used to clean floors. To make a moping solution, dilute the fluid in a bucket of warm water (according to the instructions given with the specific cleaner) and use this solution to mop up the floor. Not only will this provide great results, but it will also provide that lovely freshly cleaned smell we all know and love.

Choose From A Selection Of Different Cleaning Brands

You can browse through a diverse selection of different chemical cleaning products on the Cleaning Supplies online store, including but not limited to products from well known brands.

  • Flash All Purpose Cleaner Lemon
    Our lemon premium hard surface cleaner from Flash is able to be used on all washable hard surfaces and floor, efficiently dissolving grease and dirt, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant lemon scent.

  • Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner
    Our Mr Muscle cleaner is ideal for use on paintwork, ceramics, plastics, and other non-porous hard surfaces as there is no need to rinse; simply spray on and wipe off. This cleaner removes grease and dirt with ease, leaving behind a streak free shine.

Cleaning Chemicals For Businesses And Professionals From Cleaning Supplies.

Cleaning Supplies was established in 1989 and since then our friendly and dedicated team have been providing our customers with high quality cleaning supplies. With one of the most comprehensive ranges of products in the UK our chemical cleaning products can be used in a variety of different businesses and locations including but not limited to: office locations, educational environments (such as schools or college), and even engineering environments.

If you need assistance identifying which chemical cleaners are best suited to the needs of your business, our team can help. With over 20 years of experience, we have the skills, knowledge, and dedication required to provide high standards of customer service. In addition to chemical cleaners, we also stock a wide range of other supplies including cloths, dusters, and cleaning consumables, so regardless of your commercial cleaning needs, our online store has the supplies your team needs to get the job done.

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