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Product Code: 001.302
Price: £11.76
Bulk refil Professional Odour Neutraliser and Air Freshener. Do the job properley!

Product Features:


    Highly effective and ready to use


    Eliminates Malodours from Carpets , Fabric and Hard Surfaces


    KIlls Bacteria Passes EN1276 giving a 99.999% Bacteria kill rate on a 5 minute contact time


    Siutable for use aganist Urine, Tobacco Smoke, Rancid food and Pet Odours

  • This spray easily eradicates smells from carpet, fabric and hard surfaces. After use, you will be left with a room that has a refreshing sweet scent of wild berries. It will be a light smell, not one that chokes you out of the room!
  • Highly effective & quick acting neutraliser & deodoriser. Will eliminate offensive odours including urine, vomit, smoke, perspiration, rancid food & pet odours. For use on carpets, fabrics, dustbins etc
"Refill your trigger sprays, use in your carpet machine or however else you can imagine. Gets rid of unwanted smells and leave the room smelling lovely.

Dilutes 50:1 so 5 litres will make 166 trigger sprays. Now that's unbeatable value! .

Dilution: Ready to Use Hazard Clasification: Non-Classified Health & Safety Info: Keep out of reach of Children. Do not ingest Avoid contact with eyes. PPE Required: None Storage: Avoid extreme temperatures Other: Wool & Fabric Safe Related Docs: Download Microbiological Profile

For more information please check the link here :- ODOUR NEUTRALISER PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SHEET

For SDS information please check the link here :-  ODOUR NEUTRALISER SAFETY DATA SHEET

Use undiluted.
For areas with an established persistant problem spray the surface liberally to ensure the
odour is absorbed.
For recently contaminated areas, spray the offending material to help neutralise the
immediate odour. Remove as much solid by dustpan & blot urine with paper towel.
Spray surface once again liberally & allow the product to bind with the malodour & its cause
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