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Product Code: 001.004
Price: £15.72
Environmentally Friendly Springtime scent Aerosol Air Freshener with Odour Neutraliser. Ideal for Indoor Public areas Such as Washrooms , Bedrooms and Meeting Rooms

Product Features:


    Long Lasting Fragrance


    Eliminates Odours


    CFC Free


    Pack size: 12 x 440ml

"A high quality air freshener aerosol which atomises instantly and completely Ozone friendly. Instantly dispels stale room odours. Pleasant long lasting formula.

Merlin Air Fresheners are blended from cosmetic quality fragrances, selected to freshen and revitalise any room and disguise all manner of bad smells! Economical, environmentally friendly (does not contain chlorofluorcarbons) Merlin Air Freshener does not rain like cheap aerosols and will not stain fabrics when used in accordance with the directions.

Particularly effective against tobacco smoke and an essential product for hotels, pubs, homes and public areas.

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