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Product Code: 010.007
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For 140 years, Jeyes has been tackling the toughest cleaning jobs around the home. Whether you want to fight dirty in the garden & turn it into your blossoming outdoor sanctuary or clean clever inside your home – seeing greater results for less work,

Product Features:


    Can be used for a multitude of outdoor cleaning tasks, from neutralising odours and killing bacteria


    It is also perfect for clearing fungi, mould and algae from paths, driveways and patios


    JEYES FLUID successfully kills streptococcus equi, the bacterium that causes Strangles,in horses


    offering a fast and effective way of protecting your horses and ponies.

Jeyes Fluid is universally acknowledged to be one of the most flexible commodities available to everyone involved in horticulture. Its success is based upon its ability to be used for an amazing variety of tasks; from cleaning bird feeders – to ensure that they remain free of trichomonosis and Avian Flu - to hygienically freshening up garden furniture.

eyes fluid is also used to disinfect tarmac, hard surfaces, patios and driveways supporting mould and algae, and is great in combination with a pressure washer. 

Its universal suitability means that Jeyes Fluid can be safely used in many common garden situations i.e. cleaning out water butts, ridding greenhouses of the variety of diseases that become a genuine problem during the growing season, or simply cleaning drains. Jeyes Fluid can also be used to disinfect areas after livestock and animals. 

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Application Instructions

Cleaning and Disinfecting Drains:
Pour neat into outdoor drains, making sure to rinse thoroughly.
Use as frequent as necessary, especially during hot spells.

Concrete Paths and Patios:
Dilute 150ml Jeyes Fluid to every 5 litres of water, applying sufficient solution to thoroughly wet the affected surfaces. Allow 30 minutes for Jeyes Fluid to work and then rinse off with water and scrub with brush. For light coloured aggregate, dilute 50ml product with 5 litres of water, in order to avoid staining. 

Tarmacked Areas:
Dilute 125ml Jeyes Fluid to 5 litres of water in a watering can, then apply sufficient solution to thoroughly wet the affected surfaces. Firstly, make sure to check a small area for softening. If the tarmacked area softens, use a lower dilution of 60ml product to 5 litres of water and repeat treatment 1 month later.

Canes, Secateurs, Knives & Various Other Outdoor Tools:
Wipe the tool over with a solution of 10ml Jeyes Fluid per litre of water. Next, leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Cleaning Out Water Butts:
In order to clean water butts, scrub with a solution of 15ml product to 5 litres of water. To freshen water, add 5ml Jeyes Fluid to a full water butt.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Greenhouses:
First, remove all plants then wash down all glass, glazing bars and shelving with 35ml Jeyes Fluid per 5 litres of water. Make sure to ventilate and allow greenhouse to dry before reintroducing your plants.

Avian Influenza/Bird Flu:
Use a solution of 250ml Jeyes Fluid mixed with 5 litres of water to disinfect surfaces against Avian Influenza. Remove any excess soil, and apply the product via a watering can, allowing at least 20 minutes contact time. Finally, rinse off after use.

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