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Product Features:


    Solvent based Polyurethane seal


    Heat, oil, stain and water resistant


    High Gloss finish


    Enhances the appearance of the wood floor


    Fast drying

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If you’re searching for a first-rate floor sealant that can both protect and enhance the appearance of your wooden and cork floors, then look no further than Bourne Seal Resin. Being heat, stain, oil and water resistant, Bourne Natural Seal will dry to a tough slip-retardant glossy finish – leaving your floors as good as new.

Regardless of the environment you operate – whether you’re a homeowner who is refurbishing rooms. You’re in charge of an office that is changing its fit out, maybe you’re a school or college that requires regular treatment of your floors? Perhaps you’re responsible for safety in an engineering environment? Bourne Natural Seal Resin can ensure a quick revamp of the condition of your floors, whatever their use.

Using Bourne Seal Resin

As Bourne Seal Resin is a penetrative seal, if any traces of water, oil or grease (or any previous coatings) are present before its application, it may not seep into the surface as well as it should be doing – affecting the time it takes to dry, as well as its performance.

For the best results, all surfaces intended for the use of Bourne Seal should be finely sanded and all dust cleared away. If any oil, wax or any other alternative seals have been used previously, an appropriate chemical stripper may also be required before the application of the seal resin. As a rule of thumb, always apply a small amount to test first.

Once your preparation is done, use a brush to apply a thin, even coat of resin into the surface, working with the grain and avoiding any overlap. Bourne Natural Seal Resin should be allowed at least 8 hours to dry, preferably 24 hours.

Once dry, lightly rub down the treatment with fine sandpaper and remove the resulting dust before applying a second coat. Once dry and ready for use, remember to undertake regular maintenance; a simple sweeping and a damp mopping is usually all that’s required to prolong the life of your resin treatment and by extension, your floors.

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Floor Preparation:
Ensure surface is completely clean, dry and free from grease, oil and surface coatings such as wax, polish or
varnish. Emulsion dressings should be removed by scrubbing with an Emulsion Polish Stripper, Wax polish,
grease and oil should be removed by scrubbing with a suitable cleaner, old seals or varnishes should be
removed by using a chemical stripper or sanding down to the bare wood.. For optimum results, all wood and cork
should be sanded first to a fine finish and all dust removed. Extra care is required when sanding cork. Before
treatment of the entire surface with Bourne Seal it is recommended that a little seal should be applied to a small
test area to check for drying time and adhesion, as these will be adversely affected by residual surface
contamination. Crinkling or slow drying means that the surface must be given further cleaning.
Once the floor has been prepared and is completely dry, using a clean lambs-wool applicator, roller or paint
brush apply a thin even coat of Bourne Seal Natural, working with the grain, avoiding overlap. Do not apply too
thickly or allow product to pool as this will increase drying time. Allow to dry for a minimum of 2 hours, preferably
4 hours to ensure thorough drying, then lightly rub down using medium grade nylon pad or fine grade sandpaper
to improve adhesion and finish. Remove surplus dust before applying the next coat. If the floor is very porous, a
third coat may be necessary.
Ventilate the room and allow to dry and harden before opening to light traffic (min of 24 hours),
CAUTION: In very cold or damp conditions, the drying and curing time may be extended. Bourne Seal Natural
is an air cured seal and application of too thick a coating will impede the curing. After use, clean brushes or
applicators with white spirit, then rinse in neutral detergent, e.g. TASKI Jontec 300, Carefree Stride 1000.
Routine Maintenance:
No maintenance other than dust sweeping and spot mopping is recommended for 8 days following application to
ensure Seal is fully cured.
After this time the floor should be maintained using vacuuming, dust sweeping, damp mopping or machine
buffing using a neutral floor cleaner such as Carefree Floor Maintainer and a red pad.
On-Going Maintenance:
To protect the seal and reduce the frequency at which re-sealing is necessary, an application of emulsion polish
such as Carefree Eternum or Carefree Satin is strongly recommended, however this should not be done until at
least 8 days after seal application to ensure seal is fully cured and prevent adhesion issues.
Retreat Bourne Seal before existing coat has worn through, remove top dressing with recommended stripper
such as Carefree Stripper, check carefully that all dressing has been removed by retreating a small test area as
previously described. Before retreating with Bourne Seal Natural, lightly sand the surface and remove all dust.
Retreat with a thin coat of seal, applying more liberally to worn areas. Allow to dry and harden before use and
allow to cure for 8 days minimum before applying emulsion polish as described previously.
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