MERLIN H05 GLASS & MIRROR CLEANER - 6x750ml no zoom available for this image
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Product Code: 040.001
Price: £11.44
A water based refillable trigger pack of highly effective glass, window & mirror cleaner. Excellent for cleaning stainless steel & chrome. Quickly removes dirt & grease when used with micro fibre cleaning cloths
For all windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, chrome and porcelain In the office: Ideal for use on computer VDUs, its high level of purity helps prevent resoiling Makes showcases and display stands stand out. Automotive: For windscreens, mirrors, coach and bus windows and aluminium

High purity ready to use product. Do not dilute. Apply sparingly and wipe off with a clean, lint free cloth or tissue. De net apply in hot direct sunlight or near a naked flame. Never spray directly onto electrical equipment, always spray on to cloth and wipe off

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