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Product Code: KIT040.125
Price: £7.60
M.S.T stands for Multi Surface Tool and it’s the commercial cleaners’ best friend.

Product Features:


    Quick, efficient and refreshingly uncomplicated,


    M.S.T cuts chemical and paper use


    showing why one cleaning tool may be all you need.

The average cleaners’ cupboard is packed full of specialist cleaning equipment for different tasks. SYR has developed just one great little tool to do many jobs. Simple!

MST stands for Multi Surface Tool and it’s the commercial cleaners’ best friend.

Whether you are looking to clean internal windows or mirrors, desks or counters, menu boards or stainless steel, MST is the go-to solution.

Very light and compact, MST works with a hand atomiser which sprays a fine mist on to the surface being cleaned. A specially formulated surface cleaner helps make light work of dirt and stains, although MST works extremely well with just water – a bonus for sites where chemical use is restricted.

Having moistened the surface, simply wipe over with MST to leave it clean, instantly dry and smear-free.

MST is the ideal hand-held cleaning tool for all hard surfaces when combined with a suitable microfibre sleeve. There are three to choose from.


Blue microfibre pads are your standard sleeve and are used for laminate wood and in general areas. Removable colour coded pads reduce the risk of cross contamination.


White microfibre pads have anti-static qualities so are ideal for all glass, such as internal windows and mirrors, digital displays and stainless steel.


Performance pads feature scrubbing strips so use them for stubborn stains such as dried ketchup.

MST also fits on to SYR’s Interchange handle for high level cleaning, giving it much more flexibility in use than a traditional hand cloth or blue roll.

It’s perfect for janitorial spot cleaning; with this compact hand tool you can see it and clean it instantly. A patrolling janitor can easily carry MST in his work belt or on a trolley

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