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Goddard Hotel Silver Dip/ Suma Silver Dip - 5ltr

Product Code: 023.015
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Same Great Product now in a different label Suma Silver D8

Product Features:


    Removes tarnish quickly


    Quick and easy to use


    Single items or large quantities can be detarnished in one operation.


    Soak or wipe application

Suma Silver Dip (Previously Known As Goddards Silver Dip)
Specifically formulated for silver and silver-plated items, this product uses a blend of acid, reducing agent, and surfactant to quickly and effectively de-tarnish silver and silver plated materials.

So if you need to remove tarnishes from silverware, Goddards silver dip (relabelled Suma Silver Dip) is the ideal choice as it conforms to SABS 1828 “Cleaning Chemicals for use in the food industry”.

The product known as Goddards silver dip was commonly used due to its soak or wipe application and its ability to remove tarnish quickly from items of silverware. This product, whilst under a new name with a new label, is still the same great product. It’s still quick and easy to use and can be used to de-tarnish single items or large quantities in one operation.

For SDS information please check the link here :-    SUMA SILVER SAFETY DATA SHEET

Firstly, it’s important to note that Suma Silver D8 is used neat, so do not need to dilute the solution; you simply need to follow these four steps. 

1. Fill a plastic container with Suma Silver D8. 

2. Immerse items in neat product for 1-5 minutes. 

3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry thoroughly or wash in dish wash machine using a detergent without bleach. 

4. Replace the solution when exhausted. Clear up spillages to prevent staining .

However, please note that you should only use a plastic container and in order to avoid corrosion of blades, you should never dip knife blades for longer than 1 minute
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