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Product Code: 030.057
Price: £11.97
Revitalising Hand, Hair and Body Wash

Product Features:


    Rich, creamy lather with thorough cleansing action


    Neutral pH, mild and gentle to skin


    Contains moisturiser to protect skin


    Invigorating, contemporary fragrance


    Ideal for all premium washrooms

Invigorating clear blue liquid for washing hands, hair & body. Contains a contemporary fresh perfume.
Produces a rich creamy lather combined with a thorough cleansing action. 
Mild & gentle to the skin, contains added moisturiser. 

Appearance: Clear blue viscous liquid
Odour: Sea minerals
pH - undiluted: 7.5
Shelf life: 3 years
Contains a blend of aqua, sodium laureth sulfate,
sodium chloride, cocamide DEA, glycerin, parfum,
benzyl alcohol, chloromethylisothiazolinone,
methylisothiazolinone & CI 42051.
BIODEGRADABILITY: All surfactants used in Evans
Vanodine products comply with the current
European Regulations concerning biodegradability
& protection of the environment
For more information please check the link here :- OCEAN BLUE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SHEET

For SDS information please check the link here :-OCEAN BLUE SAFETY DATA SHEET

HANDS & BODY: Apply undiluted to wet hands. Rub to produce a lather. Rinse in clean water & dry thoroughly. 
HAIR: Gently massage into wet hair until lather forms. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
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