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Product Code: 015.661
Price: £4.95
Need to remove stickers, sticker residue or sticker glue? Use HG sticker remover! Stickers, but also sticker residue, sticker glue, adhesive tape, tar splashes, heel marks, oil and many other obstinate problems are easily resolved with HG sticker remover, usable on almost all surfaces.

Product Features:


    Can be used on virtually all surfaces to Remove stickers and sticker residue


    Removes sticker glue, sellotape , tar and smear marks

HG sticker remover 300 ml – removes sticker glue, sticker residue, tar and smear marks 
To remove sticker residue, there is only one real sticker remover: HG “sticker remover”. This product not only removes stickers or sticker glue but also sellotape, tar, oil, scuff marks and many other problems from most surfaces.
HG sticker remover allows for the simple removal of stickers, sticker adhesive, rubber adhesive, adhesive tape, tar splashes, greasy patches, oil, heel marks and many other problems, from virtually all surfaces. Always use HG sticker remover in undiluted form. When removing paper stickers, 
In order to remove any glue residues, reapply HG sticker remover and after a few seconds, remove it with a cloth.
For SDS information please check the link here :-   HG STICKER REMOVER SAFETY DATA SHEET
Directions for use:
Paper stickers: Apply HG "sticker remover" with a brush and repeat a couple of times. Leave to work and then remove the sticker. Finally apply the liquid once more and after a few seconds, remove the sticker residue or sticker glue with a cloth. 
P.V.C.-stickers: Lift up an edge and let the liquid run behind. Lift up more of the sticker and reapply the liquid as necessary until it is possible to peel it away completely. Finally apply the sticker remover once more and after a few seconds, remove the sticker residue or sticker glue with a cloth.
Test the resistance of the surface prior to use, for instance with delicate high gloss paint, plastics etc. Not suitable for hard, transparent plastic material (polycarbonate).
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