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Product Code: 015.203
Price: £20.10


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Premium washroom, shower, tap & tile descaler.

Product Features:


    Can be used undiluted to remove heavy limescale


    Can be used diluted for daily cleaning and inhibition of scale build up


    Fresh pleasant fragrance and helps remove unpleasant odours


    Safe on stainless steel and chromed plated surfaces

Download the Safety Data Sheet If you are suffering from any limescale issues with your tiles, taps, toilets or anything else that makes use of water, Lifeguard Limescale Remover is able to get everything running as they should be doing.

Being a tough acid cleaner, Lifeguard’s limescale remover has been specially formulated to eliminate even the most stubborn of infestations. It is perfect to use for the daily or regular cleaning of washrooms, toilets, showers, changing rooms, gymnasiums and swimming baths.

Why Use Lifeguard Limescale Remover?

As we use water extensively, the need to maintain clean sources should be of the utmost importance. Limescale build-ups, though not harmful to health in small quantities, can still cause damage to decor, heating appliances and the plumbing system. Nipping their effects in the bud is the best way to prevent it from infecting the operations of your water sources. This is why, as a provider of the most effective cleaning products on the market, we are pleased to bring you one of the best limescale treatments around.

Regardless of the type of environment you operate, Lifeguard Limescale Remover can be used undiluted to remove heavy limescale or can be diluted to take care of cleaning scale build-up on a daily basis. This remover of limescale also takes care of rust and uric acid stains, and therefore, is perfectly suited for WC’s and urinals especially.

Quite simply, using limescale remover by Lifeguard offers the most effective treatment solution on the market – why not find out for yourself? Aside from this 5-litre container, we also have a pack of 12 1-litre Lifeguard Limescale Remover on sale. Ideal for cleaning professionals to use.

Why Purchase Limescale Removal Products From Us?

Here at Cleaning Supplies, we fully understand that in order to be able to complete their tasks in the most hygienic, time-effective manner as possible, your janitorial staff will need the most efficient cleaning products on the market. Our supplies are ideal to use in almost every public or private environment – from homes to offices, schools and colleges to industrial settings.

As we’ve been involved within the cleaning industry for more than 30 years now, we are well-placed to judge the quality of maintenance and treatment products, and along with our dedication to providing high standards, we have created a product selection that balances that fine line between quality and price.

It is this approach to offering great value that has seen our business expand to become a leading UK supplier of cleaning products. So, please feel free to browse our range and if you have any questions, we are always on hand to help.

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