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Product Code: 005.613
Price: £10.87
A Heavyweight cleaning cloth using Micro Fibre Cleaning Technology. Use dry, damp or wet with or without chemicals. Leaves surfaces clean dry & sparkling with a minimum of effort. Colour coded & washable

Product Features:


    Cleans without using chemicals


    Super absorbent


    Removes dirt and bacteria.


    Available in 4 colours and supplied in packs of 10


SYR HEAVYWEIGHT MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are manufactured using microfibre split fibre technology, this ultra fine fibre density lifts dirt and moisture, trapping and removing bacteria. They consist of thousands of tiny fibres and they clean without any chemicals, they can be used dry or preferably with water. SYR Microfibre cloths are much more absorbent than regular cotton cloths (holding 10 times their weight in water) but with considerably more cleaning and scrubbing power. These heavyweight cloths are extremely hardwearing and colour coded to avoid cross contamination.

Microfibre cloths can be used on almost any surface, including glass and stainless steel, as they do not scratch. They are ideal for cleaning mirrors, windows and ceramics and can be used for wiping down in showers, cleaning and polishing bathroom surfaces and taps, also stainless steel sink units and can even be used to clean car paintwork and car interiors. They can be washed hundreds of times, so why not try some today, you will never go back to buying cotton cloths or dusters, and you will never need chemical glass cleaners again.

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