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Latex Powder Free disposable gloves

Product Features:


    powder free.


    ultimate fit and comfort.




Our powder free soft latex gloves remain the glove of choice for wearers who value barrier protection and require the ultimate fit and comfort.

Soft powder free latex gloves are food safe and are particuarly recommended for applications where comfort and tactile sensitivity are essential during extended use.

They are good quality latex gloves for numerous purposes, providing the best comfort, fit and grip, they are also highly resistant to bio hazards plus common cleaning materials and suitable for long term wear.

We recommend them for use in many various industries including care homes and nursing homes, catering companies, janitorial firms including industrial and domestic staff and contract cleaners. Our customers also use them at home,mainly for cooking, gardening, and other regular household chores, including even to some gentlemen customers who like them worn by their lady in the bedroom.

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Specification of latex gloves is difficult. Latex initially comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, which mostly grows in southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Farmers extract the trees milky white latex sap from mature trees through a process called tapping. Then farmers boil the milky white latex to make it more concentrated, which gives the sap a consistency similar to syrup. This is the base product of the gloves.

Certain individuals may be sensitive to the proteins found in natural rubber latex. This can cause effects ranging from mild skin irritation to a severe allergic reaction known as a Type I natural rubber latex allergic reaction

Latex gloves have exceptionally high biological barrier characteristics. In addition, the more durable a glove, the less likely it is to tear.

Latex gloves are usually a tight fit which allows better sensitivity when carrying out the required task.

They can be difficult to don, particularly if the hands are wet or the glove is too small, but our goves are specifically treated inside to ease the donning process, so powder is not needed. In addition, powder can leave an unpleasant residue on the hand after use (it combines with sweat).

Latex gloves are naturally more durable in use than nitrile, even though they are thinner. They are the best gloves for sensitivity as they are very close fitting and very stretchy.

The more stretch a glove has, the better it will conform to your hand and the less effort it will take to move the hand and fingers and thus reducing hand fatigue and increasing both dexterity and comfort levels. Compared to vinyl, latex offers the highest stretch, dexterity and comfort

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