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Product Code: 016.111
Price: £3.75
Latex Powder Free disposable gloves

Product Features:


    Protects your hands

Finest quality microroughened textured surface provides superior grip

  • Undergone a thorough chlorination process, dramatically reducing the residual latex proteins responsible for allergies to a level that is no longer measurable
  • All Uniglove Advanced gloves are subject to a series of extended washes to reduce residual latex proteins and chemicals responsible for allergies to a negligible level
  • Gloves are inverted by hand to ensure that both the interior and exterior surfaces benefit equally from the additional washing
  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex, ZDBC, ZDEC, ZnO, ZMBT, Sulphur, TiO2, Anti-Oxidant, Wax
  • Compliant with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and European Standard EN455: Medical Gloves for Single Use
  • Classification, complex design category III waterproof and low chemical resistance gloves
  • Chemical resistant gloves to EN374-1
  • Comply with EN388:2003 Levels: Abrasion 0, Blade 0, Tear 0, Puncture 0 and EN420

Put them on dry hands
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