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Vinyl Lightly Powdered disposable gloves

Product Features:


    Lightly powdered


    Ultimate fit and comfort.




Our powdered soft vinyl gloves remain the glove of choice for wearers who value barrier protection and require the ultimate fit and comfort, while protecting against cross contamination, dirt and potential irritants.

Soft powdered vinyl gloves are ideal for short-term, low-risk tasks such as food handling and are particuarly recommended for applications where comfort and tactile sensitivity are essential during extended use.

We recommend them for use in many various industries including care homes and nursing homes, hairdressers, schools, catering companies, janitorial firms including industrial and domestic staff and contract cleaners.

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Specification for Vinyl gloves is difficult as it is a bit technical.

Vinyl comes from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) monomers alone. Because chemists use only one species of monomer to create PVC, the material is known as a polymer. Once they have polymerized the substance, the chemists add a chemical called a plasticizer to the PVC. The plasticizer makes the material flexible, otherwise the PVC would be rigid, as it is when used to form pipe. PVC is inexpensive to create, making it a cost effective alternative to latex and for applications where glove changes occur frequently.

Powdered vinyl gloves are completely latex free, and therefore ideal for customers that may be sensitive to the proteins found in natural rubber latex. This can cause effects ranging from mild skin irritation to a severe allergic reaction known as a Type I natural rubber latex allergic reaction. Our vinyl gloves are chemically manufactured using polymer.

It is essential that gloves retain their integrity and resist tearing both when donning and in use, powdered vinyl gloves are not treated as it is not necessary, the powder and the fact that they are normally worn baggy helps donning. However, the correct size is important because compared to Latex, they are more prone to tearing particularly if they are a tight fit.

Vinyl gloves are not specifically designed for use with aggressive chemicals. However, they are in fact resistant to a wide range of chemicals

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